November 13 2018

Improving Nutrition for Better Health

In Bihar, one of the poorest states in India, 80% of children under five and 68% of women under 50 are malnourished.

As part of our mission to provide a better future for people in need, Karuna-Shechen offers sustainable solutions to reduce malnutrition, improve health and well-being, and increase quality of life.

The 20,000 organic kitchen gardens we have planted so far in India and Nepal are strengthening food security and promoting environmental sustainability.

In these rapidly growing countries, basic food items such as vegetables and fruits are essential. Additionally, information and resources provided by Karuna-Shechen support families, especially mothers, in remote and underserved villages to improve food choices and reduce malnutrition.

Together we can help strengthen food security to save lives and improve the well-being of villagers in some of the most remote and underserved parts of India and Nepal!

With a donation of $25, you can give the gift of seeds and fruit trees for a sustainable Kitchen Garden to a family in need. A gift of $75 supplies a rainwater harvesting system to sustain a kitchen garden, and $200 trains twenty women to produce bio-fertilizer to use and supply to other villagers. Please support Karuna-Shechen with a donation:


Our multi-facted program responds to several specific needs: improved health and nutrition, increased income, food security within the household, and increased community social bonds.


Local artists paint murals in public places, and street dramas address social taboos to large, engaged crowds in village streets. Through these creative techniques, mothers and pregnant women in particular receive a raised awareness of the causes and effects of malnutrition, as well as the importance of adequate nutrition for themselves and their families.


We collaborate with community partners to select local representatives (social mobilizers) who are sensitive to the culture and norms of villagers. We identify households that need assistance and the social mobilizers conduct home visits to provide information, discuss challenges, and offer resources to reduce malnutrition.


We believe the best solution, beyond awareness and education, is to help community members to plant kitchen gardens — a simple way to produce nutrient-rich, organic vegetables right in their own backyards. We provide each family with seeds, seedlings and training in natural farming techniques. In order to ensure the sustainability of this program, we also encourage community members to spread these good practices and share their future seeds.

To date, Karuna-Shechen has provided the seeds and seedlings for 20,000 gardens in India and Nepal. In 2019, thanks to your generosity, we plan to create another 10,000!

Thank you for your support.

“Being altruistic not only helps us to benefit others,

but it is also the most satisfying way to live.”
– Matthieu Ricard, our founder.



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