September 28 2017

Nurses at the Shechen Clinic in Nepal

A warm smile, a comforting hand, and attention to the needs of others – these are some of the qualities shared by the nurses in our clinic in Kathmandu. We asked two of them why they were working with the poor. Here is what they said:

Sonam Dopla Sherpa: “The most important thing to me is to relieve the suffering of others. Patients in the clinic’s hospice often come from poor families in remote villages. Without access to our palliative care, many of them would endure great suffering and deplorable living conditions. Here we relieve pain and create a warm environment where everyone can feel at home. ”


Unia Gurung: “I have always wanted to help others, so I like working at the clinic, especially with the children. For me, it is a chance to contribute to the work of Karuna-Shechen and to reach out to the most vulnerable.  The patients are very grateful, and I am happy when they heal quickly through our care.”