May 14 2018

A New Hope for Nepalese Mothers

In remote areas of Nepal, one in ten mothers suffer from pelvic organ prolapse (POP). This painful condition has a serious impact on women’s health. Karuna-Shechen offers these women — who often suffer in silence — the opportunity to heal and improve their lives.

Sakunti Devi was married at 15 and become a mother at 16. She always worked hard, and after the birth of each of her three children, she immediately returned to work in the fields. The lack of rest and proper care led to the development of uterine pain, which Ms. Devi concealed and has endured in silence for the past 30 years.

A year ago, Sakunti’s life changed dramatically! During an awareness and screening campaign organized by our local partner in her village, Sakunti learned that her pain was caused by uterine prolapse. Six months later, she had surgery and received a new lease on life.

“I do not suffer anymore,” she says with a smile. “I can stand up, carry things, and walk for hours!”


Karuna-Shechen works with three local organizations in five districts to help mothers who are suffering from POP. We go into remote villages to inform women about prevention and we provide access to screening and appropriate care, when necessary.

Every year, more than 54,000 villagers benefit from these services.

Screening and information session

Among rural women, in the Nepalese countryside, early pregnancy and physical labor occurring too soon after delivery are the main causes of POP. According to a study by the United Nations, of those affected with POP, 82% find it difficult to sit, 79% have difficulty walking, and 89% experience pain when lifting objects. Thanks to your generous contributions, we are able to provide education and health care to improve the lives of thousands of Nepalese women.

From all the mothers at Karuna-Shechen who have been given the chance to heal,


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