April 24 2019

Supporting Nepal Towards the Future

When two major earthquakes struck Nepal in April and May of 2015, Karuna-Shechen worked tirelessly to help the victims. We had already been working for 15 years to relieve suffering for people in Nepal, so we knew the villagers, and we had partnerships already established.

In the earthquake’s aftermath, we distributed tents, food supplies, and hygiene products. We provided medical care and worked to stop human trafficking. We reached over 200,000 people in 622 remote villages!

Once the emergency needs had been met, we worked with communities to rebuild what had been lost and strengthen for the future. We rebuilt and repaired 12 schools, developed nutrition and farming programs, equipped hundreds of homes with solar power, and trained thousands of people in first aid and emergency response.

Together, let’s expand our circle
of compassion and support
Nepal towards the future!


Learn more about our earthquake response, the people we impacted, and our future plans: