August 31 2015

Nepal Quakes: A Message From Matthieu Ricard

Since the two major earthquakes that struck Nepal, Karuna-Shechen teams have worked tirelessly to help the victims. To date, we have helped more than 200,000 people in 564 villages, covering the fifteen most severely affected districts. We have spent 757,150USD in this project.

We distributed two to four weeks of food supplies, medical care when needed, weatherproof tarpaulins and other urgently needed items. We also worked in collaboration with a dozen organizations dedicated to stopping human trafficking in the area.

All this has only been possible thanks to the tenacity and dedication of our team led by Sanjeev Pradhan, our Field Director, and the extraordinary solidarity shown by citizens worldwide.

The efficiency of Karuna-Shechen’s team comes in part from the fifteen years of experience we have had working in Nepal, from the “ground-up”. Our team is made of local Nepalese who are well-versed in the needs and obstacles,  speak various local dialects, and are well experienced in managing the delicate relations with the government.

We also benefited from a fruitful collaboration with the National Election Observation Commission (NEOC). This local human rights NGO gave us access to extensive records on the villages in the affected regions. It gave us invaluable information on the number of inhabitants in each village, the means of access, and so on. NEOC also gave our contact details to village leaders who, in turn, contacted Karuna-Shechen for help in large numbers. This allowed us to significantly increase the number and accuracy of our interventions.

We have also maximized the impact of our efforts by working in collaboration with local organizations (women, traders, social entrepreneurs’ association, small organic farming companies, etc.) that were already engaged in relief work, but the lacked means of action.

We are very pleased to have made the best use of the donations we received from all over the world. We are deeply touched by the fact that so many people have trusted Karuna-Shechen.

The second phase of our program has recently begun.  It includes community projects that will meet the long-term challenges of affected populations. These programs will incorporate different aspects of village life: education, repair of damaged schools, development of organic farming, equipping homes with solar energy, health and nutrition programs and combating women and children trafficking.

To this end, we have concluded an agreement with the local authorities in 12 of the 15 most affected district and will use the remaining part of the donations received to date to help to fund these projects.

Your continued and generous support will be invaluable to complete as many projects as possible.

With deep gratitude,


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