March 7 2016

Bringing Light to Earthquake-Affected Villages

Karuna-Shechen’s comprehensive earthquake rehabilitation project was developed in response to the tragic 2015 quakes. Our aim is not only to rebuild communities, but to also provide the tools for them to become more resilient and self-reliant in the long-term.

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Our 24 solar electricity trainees / Nos 24 stagiaires électricité solaire

We believe that empowering women is key to achieving this goal, although a challenging task in a society as patriarchal as Nepal.

Twenty-four destitute women are currently participating in our two-week solar technician training that will equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to install and maintain solar power.

After their training, the women will return to their villages and install stand-alone solar home lighting systems. They will become the “bearers of light” to 1,200 deprived households in the earthquake-affected villages we work with.
We hope our female solar technicians will act as models to rural girls who will, in turn, seek further education and training that we will make accessible.

solar training 1 (1 of 1)It is estimated that more than half of Nepal’s population does not have electricity in their homes, and rely on kerosene oil lamps and wood fires for light (both are fire and health hazards). Solar lights provide a brighter, safe, and healthier alternative that even children can safely use to do their homework after dark.

Our Rural Solar Electrification Program has already transformed the lives of hundreds of Nepali villagers. In 2014, we trained nine women from deprived villages in the Dailekh, Jajarkot, Surkhet, Kavre, and Makwanpur districts.

In 2014-15, these women managed to install 642 solar home lighting systems. The households that benefited were all poor families with children in school. We also set up  maintenance and repair workshops in five villages that are run  by our local women solar technicians.

In India we have also been training women solar engineers.

Solar light in Gaya house, IndiaSupport our work to train women to bring solar electricity to the Himalayas!