November 6 2018

Meet Our Beneficiaries: How Your Donations Change Lives

Basic health care is not accessible – geographically or financially – for many people in the Himalayas. Our health services are essential for saving lives and improving the well-being of the most vulnerable populations.


“I first came to the Shechen clinic in Kathmandu when I was pregnant, and I have been coming regularly for the past ten years. My husband is a taxi driver, while one of my sons is working in a construction site. For working class people like me, Shechen Clinic is very helpful. They always make us better when we come here.” ~Ram Maya


“For the past 2 months, I have been coming to Shechen Clinic every day to take Tuberculosis medication. I have to take 4 more months of medication before the disease can be fully cured, but I’m already getting better. Before, I used to sit at home, too weak to do anything. Now, I help my wife with many household work, and I am starting to feel much better.” ~Gyan Bahadur


“My daughter has been sick for 2 years now, and we have been at the Shechen clinic for a month. I am very happy we came here. The medical staff is very friendly, helpful, and caring, and it’s very clean here. I feel like we are being well taken care of.” ~Buddhi Maya


“Since I left my small village to settle in Kathmandu, a very polluted city, I often come to Shechen Clinic to find herbal remedies. This traditional Tibetan medicine helps me heal faster.” ~Kinji Sherpa


Saving Lives and improving well-being together

Thanks to our dedicated staff and your support, thousands of vulnerable and underserved people are treated each year in Nepal.

“It is important to me to relieve the suffering of others. Many of the people we serve come from poor families in remote villages and without us, they would suffer in horrible living conditions. We relieve suffering and create an environment where everyone can feel at home.” ~Sonam Dolpa Sherpa, Head Nurse Shechen Hospice, Nepal

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