March 25 2018

Meditate to Support our Work in the Himalayas

This year,
explore meditation with leading authorities on wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness while also helping Karuna-Shechen build a more caring and altruistic world.

My spiritual food to start the day!” — Marie Misaëlle

Our partner, the Imagine Clarity Meditation App, offers video and audio lessons that explore contemplative practices, caring mindfulness, and basic breathing techniques to train your attention and focus. Guides including Karuna-Shechen’s founder, Matthieu Ricard, offer gentle support and encouragement that present meditation as a learnable skill to enhance well-being, compassion and resilience. Suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditators.

A meditation platform that provides meditation learning tips for all ages. To discover alone or with family. — Stamatios



Imagine Clarity donates a portion of the proceeds to Karuna-Shechen. With your subscription, you will help spread compassion to people who are underserved and in need of support in India, Nepal, and Tibet.

“This training reveals a part of me that I had no knowledge of. This training is the best thing that could happen in my life” — Elena

Meditate with Matthieu Ricard and receive guidance and encouragement drawn from his 45+ years of experience:


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