March 5 2015

Maternal Health in Rural Nepal

Karuna-Shechen has expanded our successful Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Program in an effort to further improve reproductive and maternal health in rural Nepal.

POP awareness session with rural women invillagePOP is a painful and sometimes fatal condition caused by repeated pregnancies followed by improper post-partum care and rest. It affects nearly 25% of all rural Nepalese women, but remains a taboo subject in patriarchal societies.

Karuna-Shechen presently works with four local NGOs and our programs reach more than 82,200 rural women across five districts of Nepal: Dhanusha, Surkhet, Baglung, Morang and Sunsari.

In 2014, our extensive outreach health education and prevention program had achieved major accomplishments:

82, 267 people benefited from our various POP related activities.

247 health workers were trained.

11 screening camps organized.

21 schools trained in POP awareness education.

31 community councils established.

404 individual households visited.

8 Street dramas presented at large festivals and markets to raise awareness.


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