February 29 2020

A Lifetime of Education for Women and Girls

Educating women and girls is one of the most effective ways to transform lives, improve the well-being of communities, and invest in the future. It raises wages and breaks the cycle of poverty for women, impacts health and wellbeing for families, and raises up women’s contributions, be they social, economic, or environmental. Educating women and girls is thus an essential tool for building a more just and sustainable future.

Yet in remote and under-served areas of the Himalayas, barriers to education are common. From the moment they are born and at every stage of life, challenges to accessing education, information, and opportunities threaten to hold women and girls back from reaching their potential.

That’s why throughout our 20 years of service, Karuna-Shechen works to remove barriers and provides access to the benefits of educational opportunities.

A good start on life

Karuna-Shechen provides training and access to proper nutrition for pregnant women and new mothers in order to reduce cases of malnutrition and give children in under-served areas of Nepal and India a good start on their life journey. As they grow, we welcome children to attend our Early Childhood Education Program– which provides toys, training, and support so that children in the critical development stage receive engaging cognitive education. Knowing that parents and other villagers must see value in their children attending school, we teach the community about the importance of education for all children. We help spread the idea that every child has the same rights and opportunities to build a future for him/herself.

Quality education for all

When girls are ready for school, we think school should be ready for them. Our quality Education Program enrolls an equal number of girls as boys and ensures that they receive equal opportunity. Because drop-out rate for girls is disproportionately high in India and Nepal, we actively respond to the needs of girls and remove barriers to them staying in school. We make community schools accessible so they don’t need to walk long distances, we provide access to clean running water, and we ensure girls have access to toilets and feminine hygiene products to help them stay in school throughout their teenage years.

Training opportunities for women

We believe skills training can play a leading role in reducing poverty and inequality for women who lack a quality education due to inattendance or early marriage. Through our, Entrepreneurial Training Program we give female villagers income-generating opportunities such as craft-making, electric rickshaw driving, and solar power installation. With new sources of income, living conditions improve for families through increased nutrition, improved health, and better education for children. In addition to bringing change to their families, women who take part in our trainings help reduce stigmas and break taboos, thereby increasing equality and opening doors for future generations.

Educating women at all life stages

No matter their age, women are finding value in learning to read, do basic math, and write their own names – sometimes for the first time. Learning these skills through our Non-Formal Education Program gives women more autonomy and provides pathways to becoming active, contributing members of society.These women are empowered to open bank accounts, keep track of their finances, understand geography, and understand the words they see around them. Not only do the women themselves benefit, but the children who witness their mothers learning new skills are more likely to stay in school and improve their school performance.

Education for life, education for change 

Educating women and girls throughout their lives plays a key role in reducing poverty and inequality, and creating a more altruistic world. Karuna-Shechen gives Indian and Nepalese women the opportunity to embody that change: for themselves, their families and their communities.

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