August 28 2014

Learn how we work

What do the terms GRASSROOTS and EMPOWERMENT mean to Karuna-Shechen?

Our field teams in India, Nepal, and Tibet work in targeted areas on projects that come to us from within the community.

For each project our staff evaluates:

Does the project fit our mandate to help the under-served – those who have little or no access to education, medical care, and social services?

Do we have sufficient active local support to insure that the project will continue to benefit the people through their own efforts in the future?

We empower each community we work with by planning the project together, developing it with local input, and providing the beneficiaries with a sustainable model that will continue and grow.

We have been able in this way to improve small government schools in remote areas of Nepal. We begin a project only if we have active district, family, and teacher participation. Thanks to this way of working, dysfunctional schools that were about to be closed are now energized and increasing their enrollment.

Our projects are wide in scope – from operating large medical clinics serving tens of thousands, to creating kitchen gardens and vocational training programs for village women. But the vision is always based on EMPOWERMENT and GRASSROOTS cooperation.

Please help us continue our successful model by supporting EMPOWERMENT projects that still need funding:

·      Improved education in government schools in Nepal

·      Computer training in India

·      Creating kitchen gardens in Bihar

·      Training vocational skills in Tibet and India.