February 9 2021

The Covid Emergency Program continues!

In May 2020, Karuna launched a large-scale mobilization to support those suffering from the Covid crisis in India and Nepal.

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors, we have been able to develop projects adapted to the reality experienced by those we help.


Today, our action continues!


The devastating impact of Covid in India and Nepal

Both India and Nepal have experienced national confinements starting from March 2020. These events had unprecedented consequences: economic crisis and large-scale migrations, the end of tourism, the closure of schools and the halting of food supply chains in remote areas. Millions of already vulnerable people found themselves in a very precarious situation.


We decided to take action,
adapting to the different needs of each, in India and Nepal.  


Focus on our response in Nepal

In Nepal, our emergency program focuses on three areas of intervention : education – with home schooling and making schools safe ; health – with the promotion and support of health and hygiene, particularly among pregnant women and infants; and family farming. We intervene mainly in the districts of Kavre and Sindhuli.

The sanitary facilities at the school have not only prevented covid-19 infection, but have also contributed to the development of good hygiene practices among the students. The school materials provided by the organization also helped the students to learn on their own at home“.



Maan Bahadur Rana Magar and Khila Magar, teachers of Shree Secondary School Shree, Mahadevdanda, Phikkal

Our impact as of January 2021


Today, our actions continue!

While most schools remain closed, we offer them support to favour resumption of classes in a safe and gradual way. We also accompany girls and women in sewing workshops to make reusable menstrual pads. Indira is one of these women.

In June, Indira had been employed by Karuna to make cloth masks. Today, Indira is working on making reusable pads.

I’m happy to do this because in our village we traditionally make towels out of old clothes by hand-sewing them and they are not very hygienic. With better quality fabrics and proper training, I am sure we will really help girls and women,” said Indira.

Her sewing machine, donated by Karuna, has also enabled her to start her own business: “With the machine, I can also make dresses for the villagers and earn money. This year, during the local Dasain festival, I earned 350€ thanks to my sales!


Focus on our response in India

Our work in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand is centered around the distribution of basic necessities to people particularly affected by containment and the pandemic, as well as financial support for small businesses

Tripurari Singh, Block Coordinator in Bihar: “It was heartbreaking to see several families surviving only on rice and starchy foods because without daily work they had no money to buy vegetables. In these difficult times, the distribution of basic necessities gave the poor and needy a breathing space. In addition to our intervention villages, we extended our support to the urban poor such as e-rickshaw drivers, transport workers and beggars“.




Tulsi shares her story…

Tulsi Purti, lives in the village of Musabani in Jharkhand, and is the mother of two children. Prior to the confinement, her husband worked as a driver for a local transportation company. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, the transport company had to close and Tulsi’s husband lost his job.

When the confinement continued, we exhausted all of our savings. We needed other means of livelihood to make ends meet, so I came up with the idea of selling homemade snacks to make a living. We couldn’t even afford to make the initial investment, but Karuna-Shechen helped us get our business off the ground,” recalls Tulsi.

The crisis goes on

While India has suffered 150,000 deaths from covid, making it the third worst affected country, Nepal too has not been spared, with nearly 270,000 cases in total. Karuna teams continue to take action, alongside each of our beneficiaries, to give them the means to overcome the crisis. Thanks to your donations, we can maintain this commitment. THANK YOU!

Our action continues! Making a donation means giving them opportunities for autonomy and fulfillment.


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