September 17 2018

Yoga for Karuna: Join the Movement!

Together, we’re building an altruistic movement! Please join us to support children and women in need in some of the most remote and underserved villages of northern India, the birthplace of yoga.

How can you take part in #YogaForKaruna?

? Host or Join a Yoga Class!

Yoga classes are being offered in the United States and other countries around the world! Register by clicking on the map below. All donations from these classes will be donated to Karuna-Shechen to reach more women and children in need.


You can also help Karuna-Shechen improve lives in India by making a donation today!

#YogaForKaruna donations will support our humanitarian and development projects in northern India, where we have been working to strengthen communities and improve lives since 2000. Every year, thanks to your support, our projects improve the living conditions of 100,000 people in the most isolated rural areas of Bihar and Jharkhand, India.

? Are you a yoga teacher? Organize a solidarity yoga class.