April 27 2021

Join our solidarity movement !

Action for Karuna comes back from May 24th to 30th ! 

Karuna-Shechen, association founded by Matthieu Ricard, launches the 4th edition of this movement of solidarity initiatives to support humanitarian projects in Nepal. Unleash your creativity and put your talents and passions to the benefit of solidarity.

« When altruism-driven people join forces, they can generate a tremendous power for good. […] Everyone can take action in their own way and cultivate an altruistic state of mind to become part of the immense chain of solidarity that transcends borders, castes, genders and religions. »



Imagine your solidarity project and create your collection page

Action for Karuna is a movement of solidarity initiatives that aims to :

Discover and share a culture of altruism.

     Raise donations to fund a project in favor of early childhood development in Nepal .

Everyone can participate in their own way according to their creativity and talents: a solidarity course, a student initiative, a sports challenge, a team-building event, a life event… Everything is possible! You can also digitize your project with respect to the pandemic’s health standards.

Take part in Karuna’s solidarity events

Anyone can take action! You ar unable to launch your own project ? You can still participate to our solidarity events !

In order to give everyone the opportunity to discover new disciplines, Karuna is co-organizing virtual solidarity events from May 24th to 30th. Come and discover yoga with TheYoginist, meditation for children with the meditators of Émergences Éducation, or vegetal cooking with Spirulaire.


Take advantage of our virtual gatherings to bond with others: relive the opening of the photographic exhibition Contemplation at the Arles meetings, with a guided tour by Matthieu Ricard or an alternative rock concert organized by the association Noisy Wave. Register on our Facebook event to be informed of the LIVE program and to participate!

Discover the project funded this year thanks to you

For the 2021 edition, donations will be allocated to an early childhood development project in Nepal.

17 preschools will be renovated and equipped with various materials and libraries. Teachers will receive training in caring education and tools to sensitize parents on early childhood topics. All of this will help create a joyful and caring learning environment for children to bloom!

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