May 11 2017

Matthieu Ricard: People of Jharkhand

Recently, Karuna-Shechen’s co-founder Matthieu Ricard visited our projects in India. First he traveled to  Bihar, where we have been working for 17 years, and then he visited  our new programs in Jharkhand. Matthieu invites you to discover this Indian state: its villages, its inhabitants, and the projects we have implemented there since 2014.

Matthieu Ricard: I was very impressed by what our projects have accomplished over the past three years.

The locals face many difficulties as a result of the extensive exploitation of their rich mineral resources (uranium, iron, copper, coal). Despite their poverty and the constant pressure from large companies, these people live with dignity in impeccably-kept villages.

Naga Village

Jharkhand Surroundings

Woman from Mindi Village

Matthieu Ricard: As we have been doing for many years in Bihar, we are offering women literacy courses and free vocational training. Many of the women I saw were over fifty, and were so happy to be learning to read and write! In Jharkhand, we opened 46 informal education centers.

Informal Education Center, Chandal Khiri Village

Basketry Training, Chandal Khiri Village

 Matthieu Ricard: I also found that the cooperative and creative play techniques we introduced into preschool classes in twenty government schools have produced astonishing results.

Kindergarten Class, Hidkur Village

 Matthieu Ricard: Our first project in Jharkhand was a small medical clinic we opened in 2014 in the town of Hata. Today, more than 13,000 people benefit from the medical care we offer.

Patient, Mobile Medical Clinic, Kuju Village