January 2 2017

Empowering Indian Women to Reach Their Potential

Karuna-Shechen’s programs help women learn new skills, build confidence in their abilities, and become more equal members of society.

In the second half of 2016, Karuna-Shechen opened 37 NEW non-formal education centers in India in order to reach more women. These centers equip women in rural areas with basic literacy and numeracy skills. They also offer additional access to vocational training to learn skills that translate into entrepreneurial opportunities. From stitching to painting pots, vocational training offers women who previously had no means to participate in economic activity the ability to earn a substantial, sustainable income.

In 2016, our centers provided 1,350 women with free education and training. These women are now equipped with valuable skills and knowledge, ready to build better lives for themselves and their families.


See some of our training in action:

vocational Training_Stiching

Embroidery course

Confection de bougies artisanales

Crafting candles

Paper Bag Making Workshop

Creating paper bags and pouches

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Cultivating mushrooms

Pot Painting Workshop

Ceramic painting

Rhaki Making Worshop

Jewelry workshop

Help us to create and maintain more centers to empower women in India