February 6 2018

A New Clinic: Expanding our Commitment to Jharkhand

Karuna-Shechen is building a new facility in the under-served and forgotten Indian state of Jharkhand. This project is an important step forward in our mission to reduce inequalities in the Himalayan region and create a fairer, more compassionate world.

Follow the story of this innovative project as it unfolds throughout the year, meet our beneficiaries, and celebrate with us when we open the clinic doors. #BuildTogether

Need for More Resources

In Jharkhand — often called “the land of the forests” — 40% of the population lives below the poverty line. This remote state has one of the lowest rates of literacy and one of the highest rates of malnutrition and mortality in all of India. Human suffering is widespread.

In 2013, Karuna-Shechen made a long-term commitment to bring heath care and a better life to the people of Jharkhand. Our strategy was to replicate our other successful programs and we started a small medical clinic and mobile health service. To earn the trust of the local communities, we met with village leaders, leveraged existing local relationships, and established new partnerships. Now, our medical team treats more than 15,000 patients annually.

The New Clinic

Very few other organizations provide help to the region and the needs of the many destitute people far exceeded our resources.

Thanks to our generous donors, last year we raised the funds to build a new two-story facility that will serve as a medical clinic and training center for the people of Jharkhand.

The clinic will provide general medical and gynecological services, acupuncture, physiotherapy, radiology services, and a pharmacy. The remaining space will be used as a training center for villagers and women’s empowerment. It will include offices where our team will coordinate regional community projects, including education, vocational training, mobile clinics, and clean water initiatives.

Through this facility, we will be able to offer medical assistance and other services to help alleviate suffering and increase opportunities for residents from more than 200 rural communities.

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