October 1 2018

India: 120 village preschool workers trained!

More than 120 childcare workers and government supervisors took part in a training held by Karuna-Shechen in September. The topic: the role of play in a child’s life and the benefits it provides. These childcare workers will also receive games and toys to do activities with the 3 to 5-year-old children.



Daulaut Kumari, from the Baglati Center, shares her enthusiasm: “I am very happy with the way Karuna-Shechen conducted the workshop. I want to spend more time playing with the children but up till now I did not have any material. I am certain that the children will benefit from the various activities!

Gita Sharme, responsible since 1998 for the Paraiya Kurd Center, is also very happy to have learned “new basic concepts for childhood education and how babies can play with toys.” She feels she “will be able to teach better.”

Through our Early Childhood program, 62 new preschools in Bihar are now supported by Karuna-Shechen, which brings the total to 200 in Bihar and Jharkhand!

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