July 1 2016

Humla: Eight Schools on the Roof of the World

As many children all around the world are enjoying their summer vacation, high up in the mountains of Humla, the school year is in full swing. The school year begins at the end of March in this isolated and under-developed region of Nepal.

Karuna-Shechen supports eight schools located higher than 3,000 meters above sea level in Upper Humla, including seven small primary schools and one secondary boarding school. These children take their long holidays during the very cold winter months when snow and weather conditions make it impossible to attend school.


These are the schools in Humla that Karuna-Shechen supports through your donations.

Maha Boudha Primary and Secondary School, Village of Yalbang
Number of students: 313 (209 girls, 104 boys)
Number of boarders: 236 (140 girls, 96 boys)

Arniko Primary School, Muchu Village
Number of students: 30 (15 girls, 15 boys)

Buddha Lower-Secondary School, Hepka Village
Number of students: 115 (73 girls, 42 boys)

Chyasara Primary School,  Chyaduk Village
Number of students: 18 (11 girls, 7 boys)

Khasarpani Primary School, Yari Village
Number of students: 41 (20 girls, 21 boys)

Motiram Primary School, Khagalgau Village
Number of students: 48 (18 girls, 30 garçons)

Namdu Chomu Primary School, Tangi Village
Number of students: 26 (12 girls, 14 boys)

Namkha Khungzom Primary School, Dinga Village
Number of students: 24 (13 girls et 11 boys)

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