November 11 2017

Thank You from our Beneficiaries: How your Donations Change Lives

“I have have been attending literacy classes in my village two hours a day for six days a week for the last nine months. I have learned how to write my name, and I can also count from 1-50 and write numbers. Now, I am learning the English Alphabet. The sense of pride that I feel is beyond words.” ~Meena Mahto, 60, Literacy student, India


“When I grow up, I want to become a teacher. I know it’s possible now that we have a new school, and I will work hard to get there!” ~Laxmi, 11, beneficiary of school reconstruction and support, Nepal


“I was disabled in a motorcycle accident in 2011, and I still need regular care. Before the Shechen Mobile Clinic started coming to my village, I had to travel to a private hospital  where the treatments were expensive. Now I have access to quality care that doesn’t take all of my time and money to access. My life has been transformed, and I am so grateful.” ~Mina Devis, 39, mobile clinic beneficiary, India


“Since I left my small village to settle in Kathmandu, a very polluted city, I often come to Shechen Clinic to find herbal remedies. This traditional Tibetan medicine helps me heal faster.” ~Kinji Sherpa, 61, Shechen Clinic patient, Nepal


“I love coming here. At home, I do not have any toys but here there are plenty. My favorite is Winnie!” ~Satya (center), 5, at one of our village preschools, India


“A friend recommended Shechen Clinic after my second stroke. I regularly see physiotherapists, and I do the exercises they teach me. Thanks to Karuna-Shechen, I can almost walk normally again.” ~Hari Yadav, 60, farmer, beneficiary of Shechen Clinic, India