November 19 2015

Helping the Elderly in Nepal

In Nepal and other Himalayan countries, urbanization often results in families moving out of their remote villages into small living quarters in cities with no extra space for older relatives. Although the cultural norm is for elders to live with their families, more and more senior citizens are left alone, often in harsh conditions.

One of the few centers for the elderly in Nepal was located on the grounds of the Shechen Retreat Center in the hills of Namo Buddha. It housed eight destitute elderly people, some of whom are monastics who are too old to live without special care. After the 2015 earthquakes, large cracks appeared on the walls and the buildings had to be demolished.


Old Age Home before the earthquakes.


Cracks of the walls of the Old Age Home

Karuna-Shechen is financing the reconstruction of the home as part of our earthquake rehabilitation program. The new structure will be safer, more comfortable, and able to accommodate more residents.

We will work with our local partner, Shechen Mahaboudha Vihara (Shechen Monastery), to monitor the construction work and, if needed, help them to continue to provide food and care for the residents.


Plans for the new Old Age Home

Karuna-Shechen continues to be dedicated to alleviating the hardships of destitute elderly people. In Tibet, we built four homes for the poor seniors and we are also supporting the completion of an old age home in Bhutan.