October 9 2017

Healing with Compassion

Lack of trust in the unfamiliar is a problem for a large number of Nepalese people — and a roadblock to receiving the health care they require. If they do not trust the provider or if cultural diversity is not respected, many people in need will not seek medical treatment, even if it is offered free of charge. They need to be assured that the care will be continuous and designed for their needs.

Pushpa Devi is a working mother too sick to support her family, yet she was reluctant to go to our mobile clinic. “Then I realized that they had been visiting my village for many years, and I was convinced to go.”

Sanu Maya is a 73-year-old woman who has been visiting the Shechen Clinic for 10 years. “I come here for everything,” she says. “I know many people here. They are very friendly, and the treatment is good and affordable, so I don’t worry about anything.”

It is this trust — in our Shechen Clinics and Mobile Outreach — that is key to reaching and helping those in need. Karuna-Shechen cultivates trust by listening and serving from the heart. Our staff is compassionate and works with patients as family, solving problems cooperatively with respect to individual needs and preferences. 

Kinji Sherpa moved to Kathmandu from a mountain village in the Ramechap District that she called home for 61 years. The bustling city was a harsh juxtaposition to the isolated life of her remote village where she grew her own food and harvested medicinal plants.

When she moved to the city ten years ago her health began to deteriorate. “Ever since I moved to Kathmandu, I’ve started to grow weaker. I don’t know what goes into the food I eat here.”

Kinji Sherpa trusts us with her care and visits Shechen Clinic’s Himalayan Indigenous Medicine Department to get medicine like she used in her mountain village. She may not have fully adjusted to life outside her village, but, at least, she has treatment options that are familiar and comfortable to her.

Our caring staff have worked with her — and thousands of other people in need each year— to improve their well-being in positive, respectful ways.

People in Nepal, India, and Tibet lack access to quality, compassionate health care they can trust. When you support our health services, you are investing in a commitment to their care and are helping to create a space for whole-person health.

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