June 8 2016

Earthquake Rehabilitation Update: Laxmi’s New School is Built!

We have good news about the schools we support in earthquake-affected communities in Nepal. Remember Laxmi, this young villager full of dreams whose school had been destroyed during the tragedy?

Laxmi2We are delighted to announce that we have finished building her new school! Soon, Laxmi and the students from Shree Sthanika Primary School, in the Gorkha district, will  be studying in the new school which has eight rooms, proper toilets, and access to water.

Here is the first photo of the finished building :

LAXMI_school built

Construction of the other schools that are part of our earthquake rehabilitation program is also underway. We are repairing or rebuilding 12 affected schools in total.

Construction currently in progress :

Kalikadevi Primary School, Lacchayang, Nuwakot district

Santipur Primary School, Patlekhet, Kavre district

Shree Gramodaya Primary School, Okhaldunga

construction 1

Workers building toilets for Laxmi’s school