November 20 2014

Success: School in Dolpo, Meet the students

5 Lakpa and GarabIn their village of Sheri, Garab and Lapka are considered “lucky” because they know how to read and write, and can speak Nepali.

In Sheri, where Karuna-Shechen has just constructed a primary school,  the majority of villagers, adults and children, are illiterate and can only speak a local Tibetan dialect.

Located high up in the mountains of Upper Dolpo, Sheri is completely isolated from the rest of the world. It has no telephone or internet connections, and no motor roads.

In order to be able to attend a local school, Garab and Lapka had to move and live with an aunt, a five-hour walk from home. (That school has since closed.) Now, Garab and Lapka are eagerly awaiting the opening of a school  in their village. It will accommodate 100 students from Sheri and neighboring villages (boarding). Tuition fees will be fully covered by Karuna-Shechen for the first year. Classes begin in April.

Karuna-Shechen funded the costs of building and furnishing the school. The villagers worked on the construction with great enthusiasm and are completely involved in the project. For them, it represents the chance of  a better and brighter future for their children. They hope it will help break the cycle of poverty in their region and keep alive their culture.

“If we want our region to develop and progress, we must educate our children ,” explains Pema Sey Sitar, whose daughter and son will soon attend our school. Thanks to your generous matching fund donations, his children will not grow up illiterate and, in the future, will be able to assume an active role in society.