August 20 2018

Nepal: A School for Children in Funglin

At 2100 meters above sea level in the mountains of Nepal, we’re building an elementary school to provide 80 young children access to a quality education that respects their Sherpa heritage.

Construction has already begun and will resume following a short interruption caused by monsoon season. The finished school will consist of 9 classrooms, offices, sanitation facilities, and reliable access to clean water.

Nepal: A holistic approach to education

We find that education works best for children and their families when it embraces and reflects local culture. We have therefore launched a brand new program for Nepal’s rural schools to offer students introductory courses in agricultural and rural skills in the following areas:

– Organic vegetable gardening
– Poultry farming
– Herbal medicine
– Beekeeping
– Introduction to renewable energy
– Introduction to livestock

Your financial gift will help us achieve the following goals:
– Provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to actively participate in the life and culture of their village.
– Reduce migration by offering young people who wish to stay in their village, training and opportunities.