October 15 2014

Literacy and Vocational Training for Women in India

One of Karuna-Shechen’s main goals is to foster the economic and social empowerment of women.

Our non-formal education program for women is now in fully operational in the state Bihar, India. We are offering basic literacy classes and vocational training to women who live in isolated and disadvantaged villages.

One of the classes involves reading news stories to participating villagers and discussing local issues with them. The newspapers are then recycled as part of our vocational training program that makes paper bags.

Over 120 women have already participated in our new popular paper bag making workshops.

The aims of this holistic program are to:

Inform women about current local issues relevant to their lives.

Teach women a revenue-generating skill.

Promote the use of environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

Paper bags making In Banahi

This is just one part of the innovative work being done by our team in India to help women and the local communities.

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