August 17 2017

Education at 10,000 Feet

With your support, Karuna-Shechen supports 35 schools in Nepal, eight of which are located in remote mountains above 10,000 feet.

The Upper Humla Mountains in Nepal are among the most isolated and underdeveloped regions of the country. The arduous journey from Kathmandu takes several days traveling by plane, truck, and on foot.

The Maha Buddha Secondary Boarding School is located in the small village of Yalbang. Karuna-Shechen has been supporting it since 2008.

The school provides housing and quality education to 303 students — more than half of which are girls. Each year many students successfully complete their final exams and go on post-secondary studies.

“Feeder Schools”: There are seven small elementary schools in the isolated mountain villages several hours walk from the school. These elementary schools have about thirty students each, many of whom transfer to the Maha Buddha School to complete their education.

We have been supporting these elementary schools since 2013. Support of schools is an investment for the future and we are committed to continuing to provide children, especially those in the remote mountain villages, with a quality education.


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