April 12 2018

Thank You From Our Beneficiaries: How Your Donations Change Lives

“I suffered from severe pain in both my legs and was unable to use my feet. My daughter learned about the Shechen Physiotherapy Centre in Bodh Gaya, and she convinced me to go. I am now able to get up and move with help from others, which is a huge improvement to when I was back home, and couldn’t even get up. The treatment here has been extremely helpful.” ~Zubeda, Patient, India


“After the earthquake, our school was closed as we didn’t have a building, so nobody went. Now, we have a new school and we have uniforms, textbooks, and new classrooms. Every Friday, we play games, so I enjoy going to school. I am also doing my homework regularly. Thank you.” ~Jayanti, Student, Nepal


“My husband is a farmer, but he fell sick a few years ago and has not been able to work consistently. After he became sick, I started working as a daily laborer but it was hardly enough to meet daily expenses, let alone my husband’s medical bill. It was at this time that Karuna-Shechen offered to teach me to drive the rickshaw. Initially I was a bit scared as there weren’t other women drivers. Now, I believe I am as good as the male rickshaw drivers. I earn around 9000 rupees a month and both my kids go to school.” ~Shobha Devi, Participant in Karuna-Shechen’s First E-rickshaw Training, India


“Before solar lights, we only had kerosene light. It used to emit black smoke and it wasn’t that bright. So we used to go to sleep early. But during the winter months, it didn’t get light until 7 am, so we had a difficult time. Now, my wife and I can do many household chores in the morning and in the evening, and our son can study better.”  ~Leela, Solar Program Participant, Nepal


Empower women India

“My husband works at a private company in the city but is not paid enough to support the family. My new skill gives me an extra source of income which I find very useful. I also take private orders from families for tailoring and stitching and that helps too.” ~Chandni, Soft Toy Vocational Training Student, India