September 14 2017

Our team: Dr. Shagufta Khalil

Dr. Shagufta Khalil is one of our general practitioners at the Shechen Clinic in Bodhgaya, India. We asked her to describe her work, and this is what she told us:

“I like my job, and I especially appreciate working with the women who come to see me. In a typical day, I work from 8:30 to 2:00, and I see up to 60 patients.

My patients are comfortable with me, especially when it comes to women’s gynecology. I see many village women and girls, sometimes even as young as eight-years-old, who suffer in silence because of poor personal hygiene, often related to their living conditions.

I help women by teaching them how to care for their bodies, and I encourage them to use the hygiene products that we distribute in the clinic and in villages.

As an Indian woman, working at the Shechen Clinic is a great opportunity. I am able to have a flexible work schedule that allows me to also take care of my two children. In addition, the clinic has confidence in me and my abilities, which is not always the case for Indian women.”