April 20 2015

Toys and Games for India’s Children

Good news about our Day Care Program in Bihar, India: we have been able to supply the small day care centers we support in under-served and isolated villages.

With the help of the children, we also cleaned and painted the exterior walls of the kindergartens.

Maternlle peintes2

Play is an important component to learning as it enables children to develop their cognitive, emotional, physical, and linguistic skills. But, in many rural Indian villages, children do not have access to games or toys.

In partnership with the French organization Inter’Lude, we are providing games, toys, and craft supplies to ten small village day care centers (Anganwadi Centers), attended by more than 400 village children, age 3 to 6 years. We also organize training sessions for the 20 childcare providers looking after the children.

Toys donated thanks to your donations:

Contenu malle de jeux


Malle de dessin




Exterior Paint

maternelles peintes


Our team in India have created an activity in which all the children can  participate and work together.

The children clean and paint the exterior walls of their classrooms. They loved to be proactive and participated with great pride and enthusiasm. And the result is beautiful, as you can see.

This art project allowed them to express their creativity and to strengthen their social bond by encouraging them to work together towards a common goal.


Thanks again for your generous donations.

All this would not be possible without your support


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