May 20 2020

#COVID-19 Working together to build a more altruistic world

In the face of the global epidemic of COVID-19, we continue more than ever to promote altruism, to cultivate it and to put it into action.  

We are convinced that this value – the founding stone of Karuna-Shechen – is a great solution to take up this big challenge and reconcile the imperatives of the economics, the pursuit of happiness and the respect for the environment.

Since the beginning of this crisis, we shared with you thoughts, articles, books and videos – to be found below – that we hope will inspire you as much as we do.

Thanks to your support, we can move towards a more altruistic world together.  THANK YOU!

To be inspired


We remain mobilized

Since March 25th, our programs in India and Nepal have been shut down to comply with the containment measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our teams remain mobilized and in contact with the populations we help.

 We continue to share prevention messages, maintain school activities and, above all, assess the needs of the populations to prepare for the future, including emergency actions to deal with an impending food crisis.

Thanks to your support, we can help 280,000 each year. THANK YOU! Together, let’s walk towards a more altruistic world!

Learn about the daily lives of those we help in India and Nepal, and our actions during the COVID-19 crisis.




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« Some people, when talking about the virus affecting mankind, speak of a ferocious beast. Othersspeak of a war to be waged against this virus. The truth is that it is like many things a natural phenomenon. Nature is not evil in itself, we cannot go to war against it even if we have had a kind of arrogance to think that we can extract ourselves from it as men. » ~ Matthieu Ricard, Video The real evil beast is selfishness”