August 5 2018

Construction in Jharkhand: Making Progress!

Throughout the year, we are sharing updates as we build a health clinic and training center in the Indian state of Jharkhand. We invite you to follow along as the project unfolds and comes to life.

#BuildTogether2018 is an ambitious and altruistic project that is dear to our hearts as it will allow us to serve more people in need in one of the poorest regions in India.

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Making progress! The construction of our future clinic & training center is underway in Jharkhand. As the photos below document, the new building is beginning to take form, and the 3D illustration offers a sneak peak of the finished clinic.

When completed, the new center will alleviate suffering and increase opportunities for residents from more than 200 rural communities in Jharkhand — often called “the land of the forests” — where 40% of the population lives below the poverty line. This remote state has one of the lowest rates of literacy and one of the highest rates of malnutrition and mortality in all of India. Human suffering is widespread.

The clinic will provide general medical and gynecological services, acupuncture, physiotherapy, radiology services, and a pharmacy. The remaining space will be used as a training center for villagers and for women’s empowerment programs.

This is an illustration of what the clinic will look like when finished



Wall supports and columns are going in!


The building is beginning to take shape


Work continues daily to build our dream clinic!

Help Karuna-Shechen and the people of Jharkhand build a better future and complete the building of this essential clinic. We are more than halfway there and would really benefit from your contribution!

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