May 22 2015

Building Community Toilets in Indian Villages

Did you know? Half of India’s population of 595 million people does not have access to toilets. As a result, they have no choice but to defect outside.

This practice puts millions of people, children in particular, at risks of contracting diseases, such as hepatitis. Furthermore, when women and girls relieve themselves outside, they may face the danger of sexual assault.

In October 2014, as part part of our Small Money, Big Change initiative, we started building community toilets in four of our partner villages: Banahi, Bhupnagar, Kadal and Chando.

The community toilets in Banahi are already complete and ready for use by villagers. Construction in the other three villages is also reaching completion. Each village will soon have 2 toilets for men and 2 toilets
for women!

We will also supply adequate water supply to keep the sanitaries clean and hygienic. To do so, we will soon install rainwater harvesting systems next to the toilets.

This project is the proof that with just a littlebit of money, you can make a big difference! Thank you for your donations.