August 18 2014

Bringing Water to Community Schools

Kids at Shree Prabat schoolImagine a school with no water to wash, no water for toilets, or to drink, or cook with!

In Nepal many of the community schools we support are located in drought-prone areas and suffer from acute water shortages. Not only does this create hygiene and health concerns, but it adversely affects the quality of education and leads to school absenteeism

Karuna-Shechen is installing rainwater harvesting systems in rural community schools across Nepal to address this need and prevent the spread of water-borne diseases giving children a clean school environment. The systems are being provided to five community schools in the Kavre and Humla districts, and two more will be equipped in the near future.

Ram Krishna Kunwar

Ram Krishna Kunwar

Water is gold here,” explains Ram Krishna Kunwar, the principle of Sundarimai Primary School where a 60,000-litter tank is being installed. The school is located in a remote and drought-prone region, with the nearest water source 1500 meters away.  “When there is no water, many students do not even bother coming to school,” Mr Kumar says. The new water reserve will be used for drinking and sanitation in case of a water shortage.

As part of this project, Karuna-Shechen will also distribute 75 domestic-sized rainwater-harvesting systems (1000-2000 liters capacity) to households in two remote communities that suffer from severe water shortages.

Thanks to your donations, more than 1000 school children, staff, and additional households will have secured access to a safe source of drinking water.

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