June 25 2019

Beyond donations: expanding solidarity through action

The ultimate goal of an altruistic behavior is to do good without being self-serving or differentiating between people. We can all accomplish this by taking into consideration other people’s needs, including those who are dear to us or people we don’t know.  This way we not only doing good for others but ourselves too.

Karuna-Shechen’s founding value 

With the success of his first book  The monk and the philosopher, Matthieu Ricard – who had chosen to make altruism his priority –  decided to start an international charity to alleviate the suffering of the Himalayan people. For nearly 20 years, still inspired by Matthieu Ricard, altruism continues to guide our actions, and our decisions…and encourages donor support.

Altruism is the link that brings together an interdependent network of good will: our teams and partners in the field who implement our programs, our branch offices in charge of fundraising and public awareness, and you, our benefactors, whose generosity makes it possible. Your support is essential in bringing help to over 380,000 people in Northern India and Nepal each year.

Acting together

By carrying a message and sharing our values among your peers, all those who donate to Karuna-Shechen are also ambassadors for altruism. Together, little by little, we build a better world.

Today, there are other ways to effectively help rural communities in India and Nepal become resilient and self-reliant. Karuna-Shechen is launching its http://actionforkaruna.org platform so you can express your creative altruism in ways that work for you by organizing charity events according to your means. The only limit is your creativity! Bring your friends and family along in this adventure and share common values.

Meet our supporters 

Eric Conte, Qi Gong teacher, led a workshop to remind practitioners that humanity and humility are at the root of the discipline and gave the proceeds to our organization. He brought together 30 people over a weekend to train and share strong values. Together they raised nearly $3,000, giving medical care to 1,000 people through our clinics.

Florence Debout brought together friends, students and family in offering 108 sun salutations. It was a creative way to thank Karuna-Shechen for its dedication towards Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan communities. She has already raised over $300!

CrossFit Human Project has chosen to support our early childhood program in India by mixing sports and charity.  This gym invites all its members to raise funds through challenges: each donation is linked to a training exercise to be performed during a day of sharing and solidarity.

Nicolas Sirugue challenged himself to bike the northern hemisphere under the Karuna-Shechen banner! Pedaling for our organization gives meaning to his journey and raises awareness among his friends and family of the difficult living conditions met by Himalayan communities.


And more… a birthday event, a conference, meditations, a personal challenge or any cause you wish to support! Women empowerment, community development, child education, improving health conditions, pick a cause and go for it: join the movement!