September 10 2017

Back to School Message from Matthieu Ricard

Dear Friends,

All our wishes for this new scholastic year to the students and teachers going back to school after the summer.

We do our best in Nepal, India, and Tibet to provide education for both for children and women. For example, in Nepal following the 2 very dramatic earthquakes in 2015 we rebuilt 10 schools in very remote villages.

But our work is not simply to build walls. We assist and improve over 100 other schools and help them to function better.

We recruit and train teachers, provide furnishings, supplies, books and games for kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.

We also work for women’s literacy and vocational training.

In order to continue this good work we need your help. Not only your occasional support, but your regular help.

This is the best way to ensure the continuity of our service to the populations in most need in the Himalayas and Northern India.

Thank you for your support!

Invest in a better future by supporting education.