July 1 2015

Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World (Update)

Ricard_AltruismbokIn May and June, Matthieu Ricard was in the UK and the USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, and New York City) for a series of talks  and discussions to launch the English translation of his blockbuster book, Altruism.

The tour was a tremendous success with sold-out events, podcasts, extended visits to Silicon Valley, press coverage, and crowded book-signings.


Altruism” is a careful, detailed, hard-nosed assessment of what is needed both for individual happiness and for the welfare of the planet. This book is so rich, so diverse and, it is best kept as an inspiring resource to be consulted over many years.”—Wall Street Journal


See below some links you might enjoy:


LinkedIn Fireside Chat with Jeff Weiner:  http://youtu.be/kD0VhYbUtQU

With Richard Gere:  http://92yondemand.org/altruism-matthieu-ricard-in-conversation-with-richard-gere

With Tavis Smiley:  http://video.pbs.org/video/2365506763/

With Arianna Huffington:

SF Jewish Community Center:
http://bit.ly/1RhJl2P or https://youtu.be/h3bqznNhgf0


We are hopeful that this tour and the book sales will help to further support Karuna-Shechen and its activities. The book is available at all bookstores and on-line.