May 15 2019


Altruism is a powerful uniting force. An altruistic attitude brings about positive transformation in our own lives, as well as to society as a whole.

During the month of June, we invite you to promote and act for altruism. Together, let’s acknowledge its necessity and work together to cultivate altruism to build a better world.

Altruism In Action: Join the movement
and create a solidarity event
for the benefit of Karuna-Shechen!


You can get the English subtitles by clicking on the Settings : Subtitles – English auto generated. 

How to participate?

1. Create an initiative

A sporting event, student initiative, birthday, wedding …
Organize an individual or group event, or develop your own creative idea! ​Become an ambassador of altruism by fundraising for Karuna-Shechen.

2. Spread the message

Together, let’s spread a message of kindness and solidarity to build a better world. Share your altruistic campaign and invite your friends and loved ones to participate.

3. Make a donation

100% of the funds raised are donated to our development projects in India and Nepal. Take action to help Himalayan communities!



Learn more about altruism : 




Conference and meditation with Matthieu Ricard about altruism

English subtitles available

English subtitles available