January 25 2017

A Life Without Pain for Avidevi!

Avidevi Chaudhary believed that she was to blame for the pain she endured for months. She had been taught by her parents that sickness was a consequence of lying and stealing — not the result of a serious ailment.

That changed when Karuna-Shechen organized an outreach camp in her isolated village in the remote Morang district of Nepal. There, Avidevi received a free medical screening and discovered that her pain was caused by uterine prolapse (POP), a debilitating condition in which the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken, providing inadequate support for the uterus. It affects as many as 25% of Nepali women living in rural areas and left untreated, it can prove fatal.

Avidevi Chaudhary

Avidevi Chaudhary

Karuna-Shechen works with three local partners in five remote districts of Nepal to raise awareness of this condition and provide help to women like Avidevi.

“My prolapse was very advanced and needed an operation,” Avidevi recalls. “The staff brought me to a hospital, where I had a free operation. Now I can lift and carry weight, work 3 times more, and sleep really well! I want to thank everyone connected with the program for doing this.”

POP information Session

Information session on uterine prolapse held for village women in the Baglung district

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