September 30 2020

[Action For Karuna] Join the movement of Altruistic initiative !

In the continuity of Yoga for Karuna, Karuna-Shechen, an association founded by Matthieu Ricard, launches Action for Karuna, to support humanitarian projects in Nepal. From November 2 to 8, 2020, use your talent for the benefit of solidarity or discover a new discipline. Join the universal movement of Altruism in Action 

Launch your altruistic project

Karuna-Shechen advocates and acts for a more altruistic world. The Action For Karuna movement unites all those who want to participate in this vision and share an altruistic state of mind.

This solidarity project aims to: 

  1. Discover and make people discover the principles of altruism around them.
  2. Raise funds to finance a solar panel project in Nepal. 

Launch a virtual event ! Restrictions due to the pandemic should not hinder your commitment. We are here to help you to transform your project into digital. Full of advice on our dedicated guide.

Get involved our week of solidarity’s workshops

Everyone can get together! You don’t have an idea for a solidarity project? You can still participate in our solidarity week!

Cours Yoga La Montgolfière Paris Karuna Schechen

In order to give everyone the opportunity to discover new disciplines, Karuna organizes solidarity virtual workshops from November 2nd to 8th. For example, come and discover yoga with TheYoginist or Xuan Lan, meditation with Ilios Kotsou, or astrophotography with Nebulae and Cacao. Sign up on our Facebook event to stay informed about the program and participate LIVE!


Discover the project supported this year

For the 2020 edition, donations will be allocated to a project to electrify 600 homes in Nepal through the installation of solar panels. These will be maintained by women trained by the association, offering them new professional prospects.

This environmentally and health-friendly solution offers many benefits to rural villagers in Nepal. For the women in charge of the project, it is the assurance of a new source of income and a strengthened role in society.


« When altruists come together, they can generate tremendous power for good. Expanding the circle of caring activities can enable the most vulnerable to flourish in life. Everyone can mobilize in their own way and cultivate an altruistic mindset to become a link in the immense chain of solidarity that transcends borders, castes, genders and religions. » – Matthieu Ricard