February 26 2018

Building a Better World with Women

To promote a more just and altruistic world, we must help women to actualize their potential. Providing village women with access to education, training, and economic opportunities is at the heart of our approach to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Karuna-Shechen removes stigmas and breaks taboos about what rural women can and cannot do. As the Dalai Lama often points out, we need empathy, altruism and compassion more than ever, so it’s time to enter the ‟age of the woman.”

Matthieu Ricard,
Founder of Karuna-Shechen


When women of all ages receive training and education, their families and entire communities benefit. Our projects work with the needs and aspirations of villagers to create opportunities that reduce poverty and inequality, creating a more altruistic world.

Together, we are improving the livelihoods of women by providing them with access to education, training, and professional opportunities.

Breaking gender barriers and overcoming taboos, women become respected members of their community and serve as role models for girls in their village.

Here are Our Flagship Projects for Women’s Empowerment in 2018:
  • Constructing a training center for women in Hata (India)
  • Training 10 new electric rickshaw taxi drivers (India)
  • Expanding our literacy courses for villagers (India and Nepal)
  • Organizing entrepreneurial training (India)
  • Creating small business opportunities (India and Nepal)
  • Training 12 new solar technicians (Nepal)
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