August 7 2018

Bringing More Smiles & Services to Preschool Children in India!

Imagine all the smiles! This fall, 59 new village preschools will begin receiving support through our Early Childhood Education program. Teachers will receive training this fall, and benefits to hundreds of preschool children will follow.

For remote Indian villages, the government has an active program that supports preschools where young children get immunized, they receive a nourishing meal, and are supervised while their parents work – but little else. Children often sit in sparse indoor rooms, waiting to eat, with little or no stimuli and no interaction with the staff or each other.

The lack of financial resources and training results in a lost opportunity to help develop the children’s capacities and incentives…UNTIL NOW!

Karuna-Shechen is investing in young minds! 

The gap created by the lack of engagement was the driving force behind Karuna-Shechen’s innovative program. We decided to use the opportunity of these nurseries to educate children at the critical development stage of ages 3-6 by adding games as a learning component to their day.

Gopalkhera Village, State of Bihar

We provide developmental toys, training, and support. We educate employees, hire and teach village women to coordinate and lead activities, and help children develop their minds through age appropriate, engaging and enjoyable play.

“Our preschool has completely changed since Karuna-Shechen’s involvement,”says Krishnadevi, a classroom assistant. “Children have fun, and they learn so much better through play.”

Hidku village, state of Jharkhand

At Karuna-Shechen, we are ensuring that children in critical developmental stages receive engaging cognitive education. After training, teachers organize preschool rooms into four spaces:

– Quiet area: a quiet space for rest and reading
– Construction space: games, blocks etc.
– Imaginative play: dolls, kitchen etc.
– Space representation: cars, figurines, small animals etc.

Drawing and coloring activities are also organized, as are outdoor games and activities such as hoops and balls.

By playing and interacting creatively, children develop socialization and problem-solving skills that can improve the quality of their lives for years – and decades – to come.

Join in and help support this project guiding children

to develop through play. Just look at those smiles!

Hansel Mill Village, State of Jharkhand