March 6 2014

42,2 km of Compassion in Action

Eleven motivated runners, aka the “Karuna Team”, will participate in the  38thParis Marathon on April 6, to raise funds for Karuna-Shechen’s projects. This  team was created when two friends, Salim and Tristan, who were training for the marathon, attended a conference where Matthieu Ricard spoke about his new book : Plaidoyer pour l’Altruisme, la Force de la Bienveillance.

The runners were inspired to give meaning to their sport by putting into action Matthieu Ricard’s ideas on compassion.

“We had read all of Matthieu Ricard’s books,” explains Salim. “So, when we heard him talk about the importance of creating a more altruistic society, we started thinking about ways in which we could help. So we came up with the idea of running the Paris Marathon to raise funds for his organization ” Salim’s earlier visit to India convinced of the importance Karuna-Shechen’s humanitarian projects made in the lives of many impoverished Himalayan people.

They were soon  joined by more volunteers who had read about their initiative. Today the Karuna Team is composed of eleven runners, a physiotherapist and a photographer.

Donations for their run are collected through Alvarum, an independent fundraising organization, and will be fully donated to Karuna–Shechen

All of us at Karuna-Shechen are touched by their initiative and for their selfless effort.

We  invite all of you to support them and Karuna- Shechen by making a donation online :

Thank you!