Our Team

Over the years, we have established an effective collaborative team of local professionals, grassroots partners, and volunteers who share our values. Together, we fund, initiate, and manage development programs in northern India, Nepal and eastern Tibet.

Some figures

  • 1 head-office in Paris, France, with 8 employees, 5 interns and work-study students
  • 6 international branches
  • 204 members including 65 volunteers
  • 7 operation centres with 154 local employees in India and Nepal

An international and commited team

Karuna-Shechen is composed of independent entities that share the objective of relieving the suffering of disadvantaged populations and advocating for a more altruistic world. These entities work closely together to combine their motivations, coordinate their efforts and foster a spirit of solidarity:

  • Karuna-Shechen Europe, an association under the law of 1901 registered in France
  • Karuna-Shechen, an endowment fund registered in France
  • Karuna-Shechen Switzerland, association registered in Switzerland
  • Karuna-Shechen USA, 501c3 registered in the State of New-York in the United States
  • Karuna-Shechen Hong-Kong, a non-profit company based in Hong Kong
  • Karuna-Shechen India, a trust registered in India
  • Shechen-Karuna, a registered charity in Nepal
  • Karuna-Shechen Foundation, a stichting based in the Netherlands


The Board of Directors of Karuna-Shechen is composed of a team of international volunteers who receive no remuneration for their work:

  • Erick RINNER, President
  • Michel TARDIEU, Vice-President
  • Philippe RICARD, Treasurer
  • Tarek TOUBALE, Secretary General
  • Matthieu RICARD, Honorary President
  • Alexandre LIPPENS, Member of the Board of Directors
  • Delphine OLTRAMARE, member of the Board of Directors
  • Ingrid KWOK, member of the Board of Directors
  • Jean TIMSIT, member of the Board of Directors
  • Charles-Mathieu BRUNELLE, member of the Board of Directors
  • Barend VAN DER VORM, member of the Board of Directors

Field Team

Our two field offices are based in India and Nepal and comprise the bulk of our staff. Our field teams are made up entirely of local professionals from the regions where we work. This gives them an in-depth knowledge of the territory and the populations they help.

International Branches

Karuna-Shechen has four branches based in the United States, France, Hong Kong and Switzerland. They support our projects by raising awareness, fundraising and building relationships with donors.

Our headquarters is based in Paris, France. It oversees communications, fundraising, governance and works with the branches and field teams. The main members in charge of operations are:

  • Quentin DURAND, Executive Director / CEO
  • Javed MIRI, International Programme Director
  • Shamsul AKHTAR, Director India
  • Shalav RANA, Director Nepal
  • Catherine LALIVE D’EPINAY, Director of the Circle of Philanthropists
  • Sébastien PAIS DE FIGUEIREDO, Director of Fundraising and Communication
  • Franck BLOT, Director of Advocacy
  • Eva FRANCHOMME, Communication, Fudraising and Advocacy Officer
  • Morgane EFFROY, Philanthropist Relations Officer
  • Camille MOCHEL, Field Support Officer
  • Blaise PROYART, Donor Relations Officer