Health Care Services in India

Offering comprehensive healthcare and health education to the people of Bihar.  

In India, Shechen Medical Center, Mobile Clinics and Camps provide medical care for approximately 80,000 people a year. Women and children comprise over 75% of all patients served.

Shechen Medical Center

Shechen Medical Center in Bodhgaya (State of Bihar) offers general consultations, family planning services, a pharmacy, pathology lab as well as a Tuberculosis Centre that provides diagnosis, and treatment according to the WHO-recommended DOTS (direct observation therapy) program.

Building on the success of the Shechen Medical Center, in 2014 we expanded our medical services to the neighbouring state of Jharkhand, where we have inaugurated a small clinic in the town of Hata, near Jamshedpur city.

Mobile Clinics and medical Camps

Through our mobile clinics, we offer medical services to underprivileged  rural communities. Our clinics make weekly visits to locations around the State of Bihar (Gaya, Aurangabad, Jehanabad and Nawada districts) and Jharkhand.  At each location, we treat an average of 130 patients daily, from approximately 18 poor neighbouring villages.

From November to February, Karuna-Shechen also organizes medical camps in and around the city of Bodhgaya for vulnerable populations who do not have access or cannot afford healthcare.

Health Education

Through our Health and Hygiene Outreach Program, we provide education about good hygiene and sanitation practices as well as Mother and Child Health Outreach—encouraging safe pregnancy and delivery practices, and providing immunizations and vitamin supplements. This program is implemented by village coordinators and motivators who come directly from the communities.