December 1 2014

Meet Puja Devi, Solar Engineer

Puja DeviFor six months in 2013, Puja Devi, a 26-year old mother of two, left her village and family to study solar engineering at the Barefoot College under the auspices of Karuna-Shechen. She will soon install solar sets in her village of Chando in India.

She tells us about her experience:

“When I first saw the electrical equipment, I thought it would be impossible for me to understand or learn anything. But the training was made very easy. We were taught everything with the help of color codes so it did not matter that we could not read.

“I’m very proud that I managed to complete the training and become a solar engineer. Everyone was very helpful and cordial and, by the end of the training even though we all came from different countries, we had become one family.

“Now, I’m  more confident about myself and independent. I am happy to have the skills to help better my community by providing light to households.”