February 25 2019

Portraits: They are building the future

Our programs in India and Nepal put women at the core of our actions, giving them a chance to become key players for change and a true source of inspiration. They realize what they are capable of doing together, triggering their ambition to explore possibilities and do more for society.

“There is no limit to what we, as woman, can accomplish.” ~ Michelle Obama

“I’m helping others”

In our clinic in Jharkhand, one of the poorest states in India, Dr. Jaya Moitra was trained by Karuna-Schechen to treat her patients with acupuncture. As she explains, she did not anticipate, before her training, how acupuncture could impact her patients’ health:
“I was really impressed to see the improvements in my patients since I started using acupuncture.”

Dr. Moitra is not the only one who supports alternative medicine. “Most of my patients, who come from distant places as well as neighboring states,” she adds, “are becoming reluctant to use prescription drugs and prefer acupuncture instead.”

Dr. Moitra reduces the apprehension linked to this type of alternative medicine, and people are impressed with her know-how and effectiveness. “Between five and seven sessions are often enough for a patient to be perfectly cured and in good shape,” she tells us.

By giving her community and those in the surrounding area access to effective, quality care, Dr. Moitra is an example for people in her village: women aspire to be like her, and children learn that every profession is accessible, whatever their gender. Her devotion and altruism inspire the entire community to change attitudes about women’s place in society.

“I have a dream”

Anjana is studying in one of the rural schools supported by Karuna-Shechen. She tells us: “When my grandmother was sick, I observed how a nurse cared for her patients, and I saw the good she extended in doing so.” Inspired by her observations, Anjana now wants to become a nurse.

Education is at the heart of our programs, and our schools promote equal opportunity by welcoming as many girls as boys. With your support, we can offer children quality education so that they can achieve their goals and dreams.

“For a hard-working girl like me, improvements in the school are going to make a real difference and help me realize my dream more easily!” Anjana says.

“I am ambitious”

Access to training and professional opportunities is essential for women to change their status and break the cycle of poverty.

In 2015, Sukhmati took part in sewing training: “I am really proud to have joined this professional training […] By selling the products I make, I have a new source of income and earn a better living.”

In addition to helping her develop technical and entrepreneurship skills, this training made her understand the importance of having a job and a career. Gifted and ambitious, she became a trainer and now shares her knowledge with other women in her village.

Sukhmati does not want to stop there: “I learned how to make stuffed animals and bags. Now, I would like to know how to make creative objects, like candles! One day I will open my own shop and sell my crafts there.”

Women are the key to change, and it is essential to support their willingness and enthusiasm to participate in a better world.

Let us work together for women’s rights and gender equality. #IAmChange