November 27 2014

Dolpo: A Logistical Challenge

Sheri school construction

At the request of the villagers of Sheri, a remote village in Upper Dolpo, Nepal, Karuna-Shechen recently built a boarding school in their village.  It is a true logistical challenge to build a project in such an isolated location 4,000 meters up in the mountains of Nepal.

Some of the challenges:

Sheri and the surrounding villages are completely cut off from the outside world most of the year. There are no car roads, telephone, or internet connection.

The school’s tin roof had to be purchased in Kathmandu and transported by air to the nearest airport in Juphal. It took five flights to get complete the process.  From Juphal, they had to be carried for more than three days to the village of Sheri. Each construction worker carried seven pieces of the tin roof (a tin sheet weighs 7-8 kilos).


Sheri school construction


Getting lumber for the construction was a complex and often dangerous challenge. The workers had to split the wood within the forest, find innovative ways to cross rivers, and climb steep cliffs. This heroic effort on the part of so many has created a unique and much-needed place for education to benefit the poor children of this remote region.


Logistical Challenge facing Sheri village

Thank you all for building the Jana Jagrita Primary Boarding School!